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Updated For 2022 - Insider Details on All The Big-Ticket B2B Prospects You'll Ever Need to Grow Your Digital Agency - Perfect For Any Experience-Level..

Hi Nick here.. 

As an Offliner I’m always on the look out for good B2B information, I’ve keep my eye out in our marketplace and I have seen a thing! So knowing first hand about the potenial of doing business in that market (I was employeed over 10 years as an advertising manager for a national B2B media company) I thought I’d finally make a consise training that reveals the best of what I know first hand…

This Literal Gold Mine of Resources will help anyone.. 

I’ve searched high and low for good prospecting info for the B2B Market and it’s Nowhere to be found, so I’m reveling the most Valuable “Deep Data” Diamond Mines I know from my 20+ years of experience working with B2B clients of all sizes in many industries..


Over 20 years of B2B client finding secrets; in this Concise Video Training my focus is on ONLY the Most Valuable “Deep-Data” Diamonds Mines I know of.. In Four Major Industries (with Hundreds Of Thousands of Prospects in Each)..

You won’t see this info revealed anywhere else, It’s just not out there unless a B2B insider tells you about it… I have been helping these types of businesses with all types of services since my early days in marketing and advertising.

Before there was a Google (yes I’m that old), I worked for one of these Industry Reference Data Bases (a Prospecting Gold Mine) for over 10 years.. I sold marketing and ad packages to National Commercial Construction Companies, made great money, and there I learned How Lucrative the Massive B2B market is.. 

It's said that opportunity is worth more than money, and that's what makes this a Literal Diamond Field!

Why Add More B2B Clients?

Simple.. Maximize Your efforts.. They buy like any other business, but there’s actually huge advantages when going after the types of businesses, which I’m going to reveal here..

All of it adds up to making the return on your time and efforts more lucrative, it’s about getting paid more and doing it with less effort.. Plus you’ll see Easier Results – a lot of these prospects have successful businesses but are behind the curve using online marketing..  It’s not hard to apply the current basics of online marketing and get them fast results from your services…

Grow Your Business Faster – Another advantage to working in these industries is They Will Refer You to Others. When you work with these types of clients it’s easy to build a long-term and sustainable business, now and into the future.

This Concise B2B Insider Video Training Includes..

Where to Find Thousands Commercials Construction Prospects

Where to Find Thousands of Engenering Industry Prospects

Where to Find Thousands of Industrial Industry Prospects

Where to Find Thousands of Manufacturing Industry Prospects

The Exact Process I use to find the most likely client candidates

Why It's So Important for These prospects to use your services

How to Assess what these prospects need to get the best results

A proven way to Influence these B2B Prospects and Turn them into clients

Valuable B2B Industry Research that will lead to More Closed Deals

The options of handing off the actual task of prospecting to Outsourcers

The Best Services to Offer These B2B Prospects

And More!

Uncover "Dark Data" Diamonds

“Dark Data” is operational data that is not being used to it’s capacity. Consulting and marketing research company Gartner Inc. describes dark data as “information assets that organizations collect, process and store in the course of their regular business activity, but generally fail to use for other purposes.

For Our Purposes “Dark Data Diamonds” is a vast amount of Big Ticket, but Little Known B2B business prospect data (LEADS), that fail to be general knowledge for marketers.. There-by not being used to it’s fullest profit generating capacity..

This is the First Time these FOUR Separate, Authority Data-Bases have been revealed in our space.. and in this Easy to Consume Video Course, I’ll walk you inside each and lead you right to where you’ll Find a Mother-Load of Decision Maker’s Contact info and all the vitals about these companies (and their marketing).. 

Low Hanging / Big Ticket Potential.. These companies Need/Buy Web and Marketing Services to the tune of Over 150 Billion Dollars a Year.. Now you can Get Your Piece of This Pie, see below for some of the most needed services..

Just Some Services Desperately Needed By B2B Businesses

and more!

Real World B2B Insider Info.. 

This is NOT a system or method put together as just another product to sell.. And it’s NOT a Temporary Loophole or Insight  from somebody with Little or No Experience in the industry..

You'll Get FOUR Little Known B2B prospect sources with hundreds of thousands of prospects that need your services right now..

Easy to Consume B2B insider Video Course Reveals hidden
honey pots for big ticket prospects, all free of charge..

Unlimited Access to thousands of dollars in potential new business from hundreds of thousands of big ticket prospects ready to buy online marketing services..

Stop chasing small businesses, with their small checks that they can hardly afford to write, Get Paid Top Dollar for Your Work

Don't waste any of your precious time, go straight to the maximum potential return on your sales efforts by focusing on these billion dollar markets..

Instantly Discover FOUR Hidden B2B Prospecting Honey-Pots

You could go another decade and never discover these prospect honeypots, they been around for decades and no one mentions them in our space because so few know about it. Revealed by someone who has decades of experience closing with B2B clients on marketing and advertising programs for their business.

This is Not about LinkedIn, Manta or even Better Business Bureau prospecting. Within this one course You Get Free Access to Hundreds of Thousands of Potential Big Ticket Clients that are desperately in need of marketing help.. (Not One but FOUR “dark-data” diamond mines of lucrative business prospects). B2B insider information that will instantly. Increase your value as a digital marketing consultant.. 

Not One but 4 (FOUR) Hidden (and FREE) Business Lead Vaults Commercial Construction, Manufacturing Products and Services, Engineering Products and Services, Industrial Products and Services… Each with HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of leads,  most in desperate need of your marketing help.. Hidden prospects you would probably not come across for years if not for this B2B marketing insiders course.. This is the Holy-Grail of B2B Honey Pot Prospecting Sources – Four essential directories that these industry businesses need to be found in.

Plus, You'll Get All These CUSTOM BONUSES

Four Agency Landing Pages (w/Videos & Reports)

4 DFY Agency Opt-in Pages w/ (Lead Bait) Report & Pro Agency Sales Video

Lead Grabbing Marketing Service Pages Ready To Plug & Profit

All pages are focused on marketing services that the prospects in the B2B Lead Valut are hungry for: Email Marketing Services, General Marketing Services, Video Marketing Services, LinkedIn Marketing Services.. All pages come with live presenter videos pitching the corresponding marketing services, as well as copy on the page to get the opt-in.. Four professionally written reports provide instant value for new prospects when opting in..

Play Video
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Over 20 DFY Business Marketing Articles

High Quality Professionally Written Business Marketing Articles

Professionally Written Business Marketing Content 
that Applies to Any Business..

Create High Quality Relationships (and Instant Authority) by Giving Your
“Opt-Ins” Methods To Grow Their Business Through Proven Marketing
Techniques and Methods..

Use this content for:

...and more!

Over 20 Proven Best Business Marketing Practices will help you Generate More Leads for Your Services, Build Your Brand and Enhance Your Authority.. Quality Content can Position you as an Expert and give your prospects a reason to do business with you.. This Content Applies to Any Type of Business (some article titles below)...

Perfect content for a Business Newsletter, give your 
Visitors and Prospects a Reason to Opt-in
(Almost 2 Years of Monthly Content like you see below)

Some of The Titles You'll Get:

10 Ways To Get Your Business Known
Improving Marketing Effectiveness
Social Media Marketing Tactics 
6 Ways to Market Your Business for Free
Top Methods To Get Google To Love Your Business
Importance of Building a Proper Emailing List
How effective is Direct Mail Advertising
Reasons Why Mobile Marketing is So Effective
Guide to Achieving Customer Loyalty
Reducing Your Business Expenses

30 Business Getting Email Templates

30 Proven E-mail Templates for Agency Engagement

This valuable resource is from B2B industry agencies that close these types of clients on a daily basis.. DFY Prospecting Resources to..

* Get Prospects To Open Your Emails
* Use the Proven Subject Lines
* Proven emails to Contact Businesses Cold
* Follow Up on Prospecting Efforts
* Keep Prospects “Warm” & Ready To Close

Along with other useful info proven to close more business in these B2B Industries.

Post Covid B2B Marketing Insights Report

How B2B Marketers are adapting to a Post-COVID-19 World

In a recent survey of 3,600 B2B decision-makers it was found that 91% expect the remote and digital model that companies have had to embrace due to the pandemic to continue into the future..

So, with digital-first models set to remain, how are B2B organizations adapting to these marketing changes? Should marketers rethink their approach? And what needs change to meet new buyer behaviors? 

To explore these questions the creators of this white paper report sat down with B2B industry leading experts to find out..

ln this 14 Page Report you’ll hear from B2B marketers and business professionals, talking about how the industry though-out the world was effected by the COVID-19 pandemic and how B2B organizations are demonstrating significant resiliency..

Let's Recap What You Get Here...

Not Available Anywhere Else – You won’t see this info anywhere (believe me I’ve been looking)..

Unlimited Industrial Prospects

Unlimited Commercial Construction Prospects

Unlimited Manufacturing Prospects

Unlimited Engineering Prospects

FOUR Agency Landing Pages w/ Videos & Reports

20 DFY Agency-Grade Business Marketing Articles

30 Business-Getting Email Templates

Post-Covid B2B Marketing Insights Report

Over $2,700 in Real-World Agency Value